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Our Naughty & Nice List

Written by: Dr. Lisa English, PT, DPT, WCS

This December we want to take a spin on the Naughty/Nice list and provide a NICE tip for when your body is being NAUGHTY! (Of course, we aren’t shaming here! We know that just because we are struggling with something going on, doesn’t mean our bodies are worthless. Our bodies are amazing, let’s add to that amazingness!)

  1. NAUGHTY: Leaking with cough/sneeze

NICE: Do a kegel hold before you cough! By contracting you pelvic floor muscles (think: holding back gas or urine) you allow to reduce the amount of downward pressure on the urethra that can cause leaking.


  1. NAUGHTY: Cramping with your period

NICE: Warm heat for 20 minutes and gentle pelvic rocking. Heat, or ice, can be analgesic, meaning it reduces the pain sensation. Adding gentle tilting of the pelvis back and forth can provide some pain relief with movement.


  1. NAUGHTY: Tailbone pain with sitting

NICE: Use a tailbone cushion. Taking pressure off the tailbone in sitting by adding a tailbone cushion can reduce that aching that happens with tailbone pain. Try a U-shaped cushion or go to our link here (amazon link) for suggestions. 


  1. NAUGHTY: Difficulty emptying your bladder

NICE: Try slow breathing and gentle rocking on the toilet. Slow diaphragmatic breaths (abdomen and lower ribs move out and in) helps relax the pelvic floor, and rocking forward and back and reposition the bladder to allow more urine to come out.


  1. NAUGHTY: Vaginal dryness with intercourse

NICE: Use lubrication and spend time on foreplay. Spending time ‘warming’ the tissues up prior to penetrative intercourse can help increase natural lubrication to the area. However, if you deal with dryness regardless of what you do, using a lubricant can be very helpful. The safest ones to use do not have scents or flavors, and are paraben-free.