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Tis the Season for Wellness

Written by: Dr. Lisa English, PT, DPT, WCS & Nesin Pelvic Health Clinic Director

Our winter season usually brings a season of cold and flu, extra sweets and drinks, and less motivation to make it outside for our daily walks. BUT let’s make this the season of wellness! There are ways to overcome these roadblocks so that you can skate into the new year healthy and happy!


One of the best ways to keep up your wellness journey going into this season is movement! If this goal was easy in the summer and fall because you had the great outdoors, but now you don’t want to be stuck inside on a  treadmill…remember, movement is movement! Yoga, stretching plans, or local exercise classes are great ways to stay active indoors to get you through the cold months!


How about your nutrition? This is a season of indulging in delicacies, or just increasing your cookie consumption, and it’s ok to have times where we have more treats! Try to increase or stay consistent with the fruits, veggies and legumes, and whole grains in your diet during your meals and snacks so your body is still getting nutrient dense foods among the extra sweets! And don’t forget to keep up with your water consumption, and space it throughout your day so you aren’t having 3 cups of warm coffee in the morning before you’ve had any water!


And let’s not forget the stress that can come with the increased demands at this time of year! Stress can present itself in many different ways, including bladder frequency/urgency, pelvic pain (that you may notice in sitting or with sex), and bowel issues! Finding a time to practice mindfulness or spend time to devote to destressing can help get you through the holidays. For example, do you have to wrap presents? Maybe putting on your favorite podcast can help you get through that chore in a more enjoyable way!


And if any of these bladder, bowel, or pain issues linger longer than the holidays, thankfully all our therapists are well trained in the tools physical therapy can provide to help with your wellness journey! In fact, wellness includes taking time to solutions and answers to all your needs (even your pelvic needs!)