Dr. Meredith Taylor – PT, DPT

What got you interested in pelvic health?
As an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist I expanded my knowledge of the pelvic floor’s role in core stabilization, low back, hip, or lower extremity pain and realized the pelvic floor can be the primary cause or at least a part of the puzzle to improve someones core/lower body strength or pain. Turns out there are a lot of people I can help. This goes back to the root reason I am a Physical Therapist, I want to help people. I want to enable people to live their life with less pain and be able to move their bodies through life with less obstacles and more ease.

What are some of your top favorite patient populations/conditions to treat?
This is a hard question. I feel like I have a lot of favorites. Some of my top favorite patient populations to treat are people with bladder incontinence or bowel constipation. Individuals who have low back pain, hip pain, or leg pain due to pelvic floor dysfunction. Women through the span of life stages, especially patients who are postpartum or women who have pain with intercourse (dysparenuria).

What’s your favorite comfort food?
A bowl of cereal

Favorite TV binge?
Gilmore Girls

Favorite indoor or outdoor activity?
You mean in addition to chasing around a toddler? In addition to chasing around a toddler, I like cooking and meal prepping. Self care activities inside include yoga and journaling. Journaling sometimes turns into a songwriting and acoustic guitar session. I can play my guitar inside or outside! I love my daughter and love to spend time playing with my daughter outside. We go through a lot of sidewalk chalk and bubbles. I like to golf also – it’s a dose of outdoors, relaxing, and feeds my competitive side.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
I’m ridding myself of guilt. So, I only have pleasures. Such as staying up past bedtime to watch a movie.