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My Personal Soapbox: Postpartum Pelvic PT

Written by: Dr. Tori Popp, PT, DPT, CMTPT, PCES

When I was asked to write a blog regarding pelvic health, it was easy to think about one topic that I felt SUPER passionate about – postpartum pelvic physical therapy. I don’t want to stand on my soapbox too long, but I’ll walk you through why you should come to pelvic physical therapy after having a baby, what to expect and when you should come see us!


Should I come to pelvic PT after having a baby?


We get a lot of questions here at the pelvic clinic from women trying to decide if they need pelvic physical therapy after having a baby.  


They question if it’s appropriate based on the type of delivery they had, size of baby, symptoms they might be experiencing, and how far postpartum they are. 


Well, the answer is simple. YES! You should definitely come to pelvic physical therapy after having a baby. 


It’s totally normal in our society that after having a surgery on your knee or shoulder to automatically get sent for therapy to help regain strength and mobility through that area.   Whether you had a C-section (which is a major abdominal surgery!!!) or a vaginal delivery, pelvic floor physical therapy can help you!   


What do we do?


Just like traditional physical therapy, we are interested in how your body moves and functions.   We check posture, strength, mobility but also look further into areas of the pelvis and abdomen.   We offer an internal exam to assess pelvic floor strength, muscle tone and function. You will receive a ton of education about your body, how it works, and how to reach your goals. 


We treat so many different things postpartum, but a few examples are bladder and bowel issues, pelvic floor weakness, scar tissue, pain with sex, diastasis recti, and back pain (think of all the lifting!).


When should I come?


You can come as soon as you get cleared at your 6 week check up OR even years later.  Postpartum is a spectrum, and we will meet you where you are on that journey. Often patients tell us that they wish they would have come sooner, so if possible we recommend coming sooner rather than later.   


We recognize that moms are busy, and that it can be hard to find time and/or childcare in order to get to physical therapy. We are here to support YOU!  If you need to bring your children with you, that is totally fine. If you need the hour to yourself, that is great as well.   


Your body did this amazing thing by growing and birthing a baby. Now it’s time to prioritize your health, healing and recovery. We say it all the time but wellness begins here, and we would love to be part of your postpartum journey! *Get’s off soapbox*