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Everything You Need to Know About Nesin Pelvic Health

Written by: Lisa English, PT, DPT, WCS & Clinic Director

Well maybe not everything you need to know about Nesin Pelvic Health, but this is definitely the most commonly asked questions I receive as the Clinic Director here! Give it a read and, of course, let us know your questions too!

Q: What conditions do you treat?

A: The better question is…what don’t we treat?!? If it has to do with your pelvic area, chances are we’ve seen it! Pelvic floor therapy is most often associated with pregnancy, postpartum, and urinary incontinence. What some people may not know is that we commonly treat other bladder conditions such as frequency, urgency, and difficulty emptying the bladder. We also help people manage chronic pelvic pain conditions, such as interstitial cystitis, endometriosis, and vulvodynia, just to name a few. We help people manage their prolapse diagnoses as well. And don’t forget bowel conditions such as constipation and fecal incontinence. And we do ALL these things for ALL genders! 

Q: My doctor sent me to pelvic floor therapy, but what will you actually do for me?

A: If you have been to physical therapy before for another body part, you will recognize some similarities. We are interested in how your body moves and coordinates to allow your day to day function, and we are just focusing that idea in the area of the pelvis and abdomen. This means we will be considering the organs in that area as well. And gone are the days of fixing everything by “doing your kegels”, because our bodies are much more complicated than that, and it is not the magic pill solution to all of our pelvic woes. In fact, it could do more harm than good! Also, be prepared to learn a lot about your body! We here at Nesin Pelvic Health find that education is such a valuable tool in healing; the more people know why their body is doing what it is, the more they feel in control to fix it!

Q: I heard there’s an internal. What does that mean, and do I have to do it?

A: An internal, or an internal exam, looks different in the physical therapy world than in the medical world. There are no stirrups, speculums, or swabs! And as a bonus, Nesin Pelvic Health uses full sheets….no tiny paper towel covers! What you can expect is an exam in a comfortable position, for most people laying on their back with their knees bent. The therapist will use one finger vaginally (or rectally if you are a male), and apply pressure to certain muscles, as well as do a check for the contraction of your pelvic floor. AND another benefit is that we only do what you feel comfortable with! If it is too painful, we discontinue (consent ends when you want it to!) and if you’re not ready for it that day, we will honor that! It is very beneficial for your therapist to gather information from a pelvic exam, but not the point where we ‘force’ it on anyone!

We hope this FAQ has answered some of your questions about Nesin Pelvic Health. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to answer them for you!