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Pelvic Health is for Everyone

Written by: Amanda Perry, PT, DPT, OCS, COMT, CF-L1

Generally when people think of pelvic health physical therapy (if they even know about it at all), they generally think of older women with incontinence or postpartum women trying to get back to their pre-pregnancy activity. However, pelvic PT is so much more than that! 


Pelvic floor physical therapy is for everyone, young and old, cis and trans, gay and straight, sexually active, asexual, and abstinent.

A little anatomy review: all bodies have 3 layers of their pelvic floor muscles and openings including a urethra (where the pee comes out) and an anus (where the poop comes out). Those in possession of a vulva also have a vagina. All bodies, no matter the anatomy, have largely the same muscles just in slightly different configuration. Because of this, everyone can have pelvic floor dysfunction including urinary and bowel incontinence, bowel dysfunction, a painful bladder, tailbone pain, and painful intercourse.


At Nesin Pelvic Health, we understand that pelvic health is much more than just a pelvic floor. Often pelvic dysfunction can be embarrassing, shameful, and difficult to talk about. Because of this, we have to look beyond the pelvis and pelvic floor and address the whole person. Nutrition, mental health, exercise, and lifestyle are discussed regularly in sessions. When necessary, referral out to a specialized medical professional can be made. 

We have worked hard to establish community partnerships with local professionals to provide the best resources for our patients because wellness begins here.